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San Diego Association of Health Underwriters (SDAHU) has partnered with WebCE, a leading nationwide provider of Continuing Education for insurance professionals to provide you with state-approved self-study CE courses to satisfy your CE requirements online!

Online and Paper-based courses available!*

WebCE delivers over a half million courses annually, and offers the largest nationwide catalog of courses approved to satisfy state-specific subject requirements on topics such as ethics, law, annuities and variable products, and LTC/LTC Partnership training.

*Discounts are automatically applied.  Additional charges for paper materials, shipping and state filing fees may apply.  To return to www.SDAHU.org, click the SDAHU logo

HIPAA Privacy/Security and HITECH Tool Kit

Starting on February 17, 2010, health insurance agents and brokers must comply with a new version of HIPAA privacy and security, one that has real teeth. The genesis for these new regulations is the electronic medical records provision of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) or stimulus act. These new provisions have raised the expectation of compliance (and punishment for non-compliance) for all Covered Entities.  Agents, brokers, consultants and for the first time business associates are classified as Covered Entities.

The law requires periodic audits of covered entities by the Office of Civil Rights to ensure compliance. The current version of HIPAA privacy and security limits enforcement actions to complaints.  The new law makes compliance a must. Our membership understands HIPAA regulations are an important component of the adoption of Electronic Health Records, the next major change in administering healthcare. Total HIPAA Compliance tool kit (www.totalhipaa.com) will help members become compliant with HIPAA privacy and security as well as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley privacy requirements. (NAHU members receive a 10% discount on the Total HIPAA Compliance tool kit.  Checkout code: NAHU10).

Other features of the new law include:

  1. Email transmission of PHI must be encrypted.
  2. If a laptop is lost or stolen and has protected health information on the computer, all potentially impacted individuals must be notified.
  3. Agents must collect signed Business Associate agreements from any third party with whom an agent shares PHI. This includes any agent with who there is a commission sharing or parties that may have access to your client’s PHI such as cleaning companies or IT firms.

The fines and penalties for noncompliance are significantly higher and have been in effect since February 2009. It is important that agents that provide health insurance be ready before February 2010. To learn more visit www.totalhipaa.com.

We have a wonderful lineup of education opportunities for NAHU members this year. Here are just a few of the opportunities available to help you bring more value to your clients.

CAHU is proud to announce a partnership with California's own Sandi Kruise Insurance Training to offer CE discounts to its members!

CAHU and and Sandi Kruise Insurance Training have come up with some great savings and discounts to all CAHU/SDAHU members that need insurance CE

  • To receive 10% off it is this simple, log on www.kruise.com and click on "Vouchers / Coupons" on the left hand side, click on "redeem your voucher".
  • Find the product or subscription you wish to purchase and the end of your checkout simply type CAHU into the voucher & coupon field during checkout to receive 10% off your total.

Sandi Kruise Insurance Training offers all the CE you might need for your insurance renewal period, including but not limited to: California LTC, California Partnership for LTC, CA Ethics, CA Annuities and more.

 » RHU/REBC Program

Today more than ever you need to be knowledgeable and on top of what's going on in the health insurance arena. Earning a designation tells your clients that you have the tools to give them the advice they need. Take your professional performance to the next level by enrolling in The American College's self-study courses leading to the Registered Health Underwriter (RHU) or Registered Employee Benefits Consultant (REBC) designation.

The RHU designation lets your clients know that you are able to help them understand and choose the right health insurance plan. To receive this prestigious designation, you will take and pass an exam on three courses, two of which you will be able to select based on your specific interests. RHU courses (depending on the elective courses selected) cover the following kinds of insurance programs: (1) medical benefits, including managed care; (2) long-term care; (3) disability income; (4) supplemental benefits, including specified disease, critical illness and Medicare supplement; (5) ancillary benefits, including dental, vision and hearing; and (6) voluntary/worksite benefits.

Course assignments also encompass cafeteria plans, self-funding, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, wellness programs, employee assistance plans and insurance programs for government employees, such as the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program and TRICARE.

REBC designation tells your clients that you can help them understand and select the right group benefits plan. REBC courses build on the RHU courses, especially in the areas of group health insurance and managed care. The REBC designation requires completion of five courses; if you complete RHU first, you will be able to use those courses as credit for your REBC designation.  

Depending on the elective courses selected, the REBC course covers: (1) planning for retirement; (2) pensions and other retirement plans; (3) executive compensation; and (4) personnel management, in addition to its focus on group benefits.

Join your colleagues (frequently your competitors) who hold these premier credentials in the health insurance and employee benefits fields. Contact The American College's Office of Student Services to enroll now for fall classes (888-263-7265) or obtain further information at www.theamericancollege.edu.

Are you interested in forming a study group with other members in your chapter? NAHU chapters can lay out a 12- or 24-month plan to deliver either the entire RHU or REBC designation. All that they have to do is identify an instructor. Most chapters have someone who has either taught or taken an RHU/REBC class. Talk with your chapter leaders about the possibility of forming a group in your area, or contact NAHU's education department.

» Employee Health Care Benefits (EHBA) and Disability Income Associate (DIA) Designation Programs
Are you focusing more and more of your practice on Consumer-directed health plans? If so, Employee Healthcare Benefits Part I may be for you. This course covers the basics of Section 125 including Flexible Spending accounts as well as the rules for Health Reimbursements Arrangements and Health Savings Accounts. Enroll in Employee Healthcare Benefits Part II and distinguish yourself on retiree health and related benefits. Those who complete both courses will earn the EHBA (Employee Health Care Benefits Associate) designation.

One of the most important parts of planning for financial security is knowing you're covered in the event of disability. If you're skipping this coverage for your clients, you're doing them a great disservice. Learn what you need to know to be an expert and distinguish yourself among your peers. The DIA designation program will prepare you to advise your clients regardless of their situations.

» Consumer-Directed Health Care Certification Classes
NAHU's new certification program in consumer-directed health care (CDHC) is a four-hour course that provides you with technical, actionable information you can use to help clients consider these fast-evolving plans and implement them successfully. Approved by states for CE and powered by Great-West Healthcare, this course:

· Compares HRAs, HSAs and other plan designs  
· Considers current and projected adoption  
· Presents comprehensive guidance on eligibility, contributions and all technical elements  
· Provides two frameworks: one for selling CDHC and another for implementing CDHC, which brokers may share with employers  
· Suggests enrollment and communication strategies and tactics  
· Involves class participants in breakout discussions on ways to imp
lement specific cases

If you want to stand out among your peers and are looking for real education to improve your knowledge, this course is for you. Your clients depend on you, so make sure you have the answers.

Certification will be provided following completion of the course and an online examination with a passing grade. Continuing education has been applied for in all 50 states. Watch for coming announcements of a program in your area in the near future.

Click here for a list of upcoming classes and their location.

Long-Term Care Partnership Training Program
NAHU, America's Health Insurance Plans and the Association of Health Insurance Advisors have launched a training module to provide an understanding of long-term care, long-term care funding, long-term care insurance and state long-term care partnership programs. The training is based on the new textbook Long-Term Care Partnership Programs: Understanding Needs, Solutions and Ethical Considerations.  
This program is designed to fulfill the NAIC guidelines of eight hours of training for every agent who sells a Partnership policy. It will meet the needs of insurance sales professionals, financial advisors, insurance company personnel, and consumers who want to become more knowledgeable about this growing field.

· Student participants will have access to training modules in three formats:
· Self-study - The Center's self-study course allows you to enroll in the course online, study at your own pace, and test on the Internet when you're ready. Check out a sample of the first chapter and follow the instructions for how to enroll.
· Review Workshops - The Center's instructor-led workshops are designed for professionals who want to review course content and test on an accelerated basis.
· Online - The Web-based version of the course enables student to have 24/7 access to course chapters, review questions, s
elf-assessments, and CE credits all in one place.

This educational resource is a training program developed by the industry for the industry. It provides standardization for the training -- similar training curricula for all states -- and has sophisticated tracking capabilities that are available for online training. CE has been filed for in all 50 states and approved; only AL, MT, NM, RI and UT still pending final approval.

$50 One-State Only License - This allows the agent access to AHIP LTC Partnership training site and to get partnership certification for one (1) state only. For example, Agent Adam is licensed in three states but only sells partnership product for the state of VA. The one-state option would make sense for Adam. Agents will not be able to select more than one state in their licensed state grid unless they choose to upgrade to a full, unlimited license.
$100 Unlimited License - This allows the agent access to the AHIP LTC Partnership training site to get partnership certification for any number of states. For example, Agent Alice is licensed in 10 states and sells Partnership products in all 10. Instead of paying $50 per state for training, for the one-time fee of $100, she can get partnership certification to sell in all 10 states for completing one eight-hour course.  

Here's how it works: If Alice is licensed in a state that has decided to accept the core eight-hour course that she has already completed for another state, she just needs to get the updated completion certificate on the website. But what if that state requires some state specific materials too? Then she is notified by e-mail that she must visit the AHIP website to review that state's specific materials and answer a few questions and then generate the updated certificate.

Local and state chapters may want to consider presenting the eight-hour course in a classroom setting. A turnkey package is available and instructors have already been approved in many areas of the country. The program is a valuable membership recruitment toolundefinedoffering the training makes an organization more attractive to high-caliber agents. Workshops can be scheduled at your chapter's convenience, with no minimum number of students. Instructors can be found through NAHU's speakers bureau.

For more information, visit NAHU.

NAHU's Ethics Course
Members of NAHU stand for many ideas, ideals and principles as a group and yet the diverse nature of our membership means they stand for many things as individuals as well. Following sound ethical practices is considered a universal in our industry and essential for any business, but especially so for an insurance professional. Agents' reputations are in large part a reflection of how their business and personal ethics are viewed by clients, prospects, referral sources and the carriers they represent.

NAHU's online ethics program is a reflection of the Association's leadership role and standard of excellence that our members represent in the insurance industry. Given recent negative press about the role of the agent, consumers are more closely examining the ethical practices of the professionals they do business with so this course fills not only the need we all have, but the requirements of your state department of insurance.  

The course is provided to members of NAHU at no cost as an added benefit and can be taken online at their convenience followed with an exam that grades the test and immediately provides the results. The online system then notifies the state insurance commissions when courses are completed and credits are earned. The online process also ensures that online exams are proctored in states that have this requirement.

To get started, simply go to NAHU Ethics

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